You’ve reached the official site for Lance Fling, editor extraordinaire. No one is better at the red ink sling than Fling. Whether it’s horror, scifi, fantasy, erotica, or non-fiction, he’ll catch any grammar faux pas, each syntax error, every punctuation problem, and spin tops while doing it. And that’s not all, not only is he great at slicing and dicing, he can scrub that manuscript of yours from top to bottom and make sure your baby is ready for the big bad world.

See what his clients are saying:

I’m ecstatically happy with my editor Lance Fling, and he’s made the process of seeing this book through to completion an absolute joy. – David Court

Lance is a straight to the point, no nonsense editor. He tells you exactly what he thinks and approaches projects like a highly educated reader, one who reads for pleasure to enjoy the story, while at the same time using his skill to make it even better. In the end, you have a highly polished, well plotted project. I’d recommend Lance to anyone looking for an editor. He’s top notch. – Mark Deloy

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Entropic Theory: A Dark Poetry Collection

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